It’s OK.

Yesterday I took a step backwards. I made a move toward something negative in my life that I should be moving away from. I would like to make a conscious effort in doing this, moving away from it, but sometimes I mess up. I lose focus. In the presence of the opportunity to make another choice, I do what I’ve always done. And that, I know has got to change. And something else has got to change. I’ve got to accept that I’m not perfect. I’ve got to give myself room for error. I know I’m not perfect, but I live sometimes as if I can’t make a mistake, and that if I make a mistake that I must be punished (usually by myself), or that I have to feel ashamed. This is not healthy or rational thinking. So yesterday, when I started feeling heavy, for once, I gave myself a boost. I said to myself, “It’s ok.” That’s what I want to say today, simply “it’s ok.” It’s ok to make a mistake, and not dwell on it. I’m not saying be dismissive; of course, own it. At the same time, give yourself permission to be imperfect. Learn from things. We get one day at a time. Don’t allow the mistakes from a history of yesterdays to pile up on you and define who you are. It’s ok that you have a past. It’s ok that you did something improper. It’s ok that you have flaws…as long as you take those things and use them for positive development. Give yourself room to grow, and sometimes that means falling short. Be encouraged, love. Today’s a new day, with brand new mercies. Grab a hold, and try again.


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