Dive In!



No doubt there are some things brewing inside of you right now. It’s the start of a new year—you’ve got new ideas (or maybe some old ones that resurfaced), you’ve got a new attitude, a new outlook, and you’re ready to make some things happen. Don’t wait, dive in. Often we make the mistake of sitting on our creativity, our innovative ideas, our God-given gifts and calling because we’re waiting for the “appropriate time,” the “right” situation, the most conducive environment, and supportive people. Don’t wait, dive in. Remember this, God could have given this particular idea, this unique gift set, this specific know-how to anyone else; but YOU have been endowed with it, at THIS definitive moment. Why would you wait? Don’t! Dive in. The timing will never be perfect. You’ve got to trust yourself enough, and absolutely have faith enough to believe that things will work out as intended. Ecclesiastes chapter 3 tells us that there is a season and time for every purpose. So many people go through life questioning their purpose. We all have purpose, and there is a season and time for everyone’s to be carried out, to be put into action. Some get impatient because they are so ready to get into the world and contribute, so ready to impact, so ready to engage that they’re doing things out of season. They may even be getting a partial sense of fulfillment just because they aren’t sitting around idly waiting for something to happen in life. But this doesn’t compare by any measure to your unique time of purpose. You see, there is a time in life when you just know that the moment belongs to you. You know that the advantage is yours. The ball is in your court. You’re in the driver’s seat. You’re the play-maker. You feel an inner confidence in your abilities. You realize your potential unlike any time before. It’s no time wait and no time to waste. Dive in! Procrastination is a dreamer’s worst decision and a visionary’s worst mistake. Think back on all those moments that were “yours” and how those moments passed because you were waiting on something or someone else—or because you didn’t fully submit to the notion that you could actually make it happen. Doubt has a way of creeping in when we don’t readily seize that thing called opportunity.

Here’s the deal…that beating you feel in your heart is life’s gift inside of you. That idea that won’t go away—it’s calling you into a season and time of purpose. You may have missed it before, but don’t miss it now. Don’t wait, but dive in, my love, to your purpose. And watch the unfolding of a treasure of blessings.



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