Someday we’ll get it.

We’ll understand what all the struggle was for.

We’ll be done beating against closed doors.

Someday it’ll get easier.

We’ll let go of self-hate.

We’ll tune into the life that awaits.

Someday longs to be released.

It’s a recruiter calling out to a new trainee.

It’s pleading with us to take an opportunity.

And let’s not just hope for change, but to be that which we desire to see.

Someday is a faint call to attention.

And whatever it is we presume is coming, we’ve got to get in proper position.

Because what we see in the distance, soon to be here one day…

Is approaching steadily, quickly, and without further delay.

Be careful how you treat, how you perceive a someday.

For you shall see the fruit of it all as someday evolves into today.







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