Fully Capable

A word of encouragement…

You are fully capable. You are equipped enough. You have heart enough. You can do this!

I used to work with young people. My organization’s mission was to help youth realize their full potential and to use that potential to become productive and thriving young adults. What I recognized in working with youth over the years, is that many of them didn’t believe in their capacity to achieve. They didn’t fully accept that they had, on the inside, what it would take to overcome their circumstances and become successful. What they saw, more often than not, were people from their community who graduated high school, got some college education, and then came back home with not much to show for their potential. Enabling that sense of self-direction and internal motivation was a challenge. I wanted them to know that they were fully capable of achieving their dreams on the highest levels, but I knew they had to believe in their own capabilities.

I want to say today to anyone reading this, that you are fully capable of fulfilling your dreams. You have the capacity to achieve. You are equipped enough. You have heart enough. You can do this! Your age doesn’t define you–neither does your socioeconomic status, your religion, your gender, your sexual orientation, your race or your past. If you want to be defined by something, let your character define you. Your dreams can be realized if you are focused…if you maintain a degree of integrity and work hard for what you want. You have what it takes, and what you lack, you can develop over time; of course, that means taking the limits off. Don’t restrict yourself, but believe in yourself. Allow yourself to dream without shaking yourself awake. And refuse to settle for normalcy, if the norm does not agree with who you are.

You are fully capable. You are equipped enough. You have heart enough. You can do this! Get to it.


via Daily Prompt: Capable



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