Stand Up!


Today is not only a day of remembrance. It is a day to be inspired to action. It is a day that we remember that we are bound to something bigger than our own desires. We each have a calling that ties us one to the other. Although we find ourselves in a time of division, in a time of tension, we still have an ever pressing duty to stand up for each other. Stand up for what is right. Stand up for truth. Stand up for that which has value. Stand in gaps, so that things can be completed and brought to fruition. Stand on the front line, and be willing to lead rather than follow. Those who are strong, stand for the weak. Those who are empowered to speak, stand (in voice), for those who have been silenced. Those with vision, stand for those without a plan. Let the knowledgeable stand for the ignorant. Let the triumphant stand for impoverished. For there to be balance in the world, some of us are going to have to do the standing, because others of us are kneeling…in defeat, in exhaustion, in prayer. They’re depending on someone to stay the course.

This is what we celebrate today–the life of a man who stood up–who inspired people the world over to do the same. He took a look within and made a choice to become a champion. And while we rejoice in the battles won, let us recognize that we have even more battles to fight on the road to victory. There is still a call to action. It’s on my life, and on yours. Will you stand?


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