Turn the Filter ON

People take words for granted. Words, spoken and written, have tremendous power. A kind word can heal a wounded spirit. A word spoken in anger can spark an argument with a loved one. A word of peace can unify feuding nations. A word of inspiration has the power to change lives. Be careful what you receive and what you reject. Be careful what you allow to resonate within you.

Someone once told me that I wouldn’t make a good psychologist. Because I respected the person, I accepted that word. Although I had obviously felt different about who or what I might become, I began to think smaller…played down some of the abilities that came natural to me. To say the least, it was tacky advice, and a poor decision on my part to receive that word. As it turns out, I’ve been good at most things I do when I lead with God and do what comes natural. If I had gone into that conversation with my filter on, no matter what was stated, I would have been confident with my original plan and goal. However, my filter was off, and since it was off, that toxic word lingered. It muddied up my mind, confused my direction and bruised my heart.

This is a perfect example of why you need your filter on. Words have power, influence and significance. With no filter on, everything seeps in and creates an internal environment of murky disorder. Disorder, by the way, is an enemy to a person in pursuit of purpose. There is no way a person can take on every idea, every conflict, every judgement, every waking thought and with conviction, pursue purpose. Some things have got to be filtered out, in order to make room for those that make clear and common sense. With your filter on, clarity will come. With your filter on, a discouraging word gets sifted and discarded. With your filter on, a word of hope gets distributed, freely, over and over again. That’s exactly what you want…all things destructive out–all things constructive flourishing within.



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