Level Up!

Just briefly I am moved to spread this word: Level Up!

It’s time to get beyond this place…the current situation and all the emotions, thinking, and behavior associated with it. You know within yourself that you are ready for more. The reason you’re hesitating is because you understand that obtaining more requires an advance to the next level. You’re comfortable, probably stable and maintaining what you have with no problem. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with maintenance. However, if you really want to thrive, you’re going to have push limits. You’re going to have to push yourself. Leveling up means getting to work 15 minutes early rather than just on time everyday. Leveling up means staying an extra 20 minutes in the gym to get those desired results. Leveling up means getting your credentials in order before a promotion presents itself, so that when a door opens you can simply walk on in. Leveling up is the work you do beforehand that leads you into a world of accomplished goals. It’s the sum total of adjustments made that prepare you to go from one dimension to another. From crew member, to trainer, to supervisor. From benchwarmer, to starting power forward, to number one draft pick. From janitor, to production worker, to CEO. From struggling college student to college graduate with honors. From drama club participant to Emmy award-winning actress. From troubled teen to professional youth mentor. The possibilities could be endless, but your commitment to achievement and drive to continuously improve, mature, and build upon what you’ve already done are critical. Don’t get complacent, although you may feel okay where you are. If the place you’re in no longer challenges you, then you could stand to level up. If you aren’t finding the same fulfillment and excitement in your work as you used to, then you could stand to level up. Be empowered by that longing inside for more, and take yourself to the next level! It’s time.


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