We Need No Permissions

I know we’re taught as children to ask for permission to do this or to do that. It’s a practice of good manners. It’s respectable. It teaches us self-control and makes us consider which things are wise to do and which things we might suffer for doing. Even as we become adults there are instances where we need to seek others’ permission or approval. We need to know, for certain things, what’s ok and what’s not.


However, what I’m talking about is something different. Who I’m talking to is someone who has not yet learned to accept her unique personality–someone who is still waiting on a peer or partner to say to her, “You’re amazing just the way your are.” I’m talking to someone who is still waiting on his friends to validate his decision to commit to his longtime love before he makes that proposal. I’m talking to young people out there who haven’t independently decided that they can function outside of the realm of popularity. You do not need permission. Be who you are.

Sometimes you’ll find a person from a particular place who is just called to never fit in. That person will forever be a stand out. If you are this person, own it. No one has to say it’s ok. No one has to be cool with it. Your footprint is unique, and someone will need to follow it. That crowd is full of people who have dependency and need others to lean on. Standing out is not a thing just anyone can do. There’s a significant, and positively powerful reason why this is your destiny and not someone else’s. Accept your right to stand out, and do that without permission.

Sometimes you’ll find people with pure and natural skill. They seem to be able to do anything with ease and poise. They are confident, and more than that they have a rate of success at things that is just suspicious (ha!). They are winners. They stay ahead. If you are this person, own it. Yes, people are jealous and spiteful. Somewhere out there someone is hoping you fail at something, finally. Someone’s trying to find a character flaw, but you already know within yourself that you are not perfect. Thank God for what comes natural and press on. No need to boast because your gifts have simply made room for you. Even you can’t control that! Go ahead and be a natural talent, keep winning, and do it without permission.

What about those people who know the struggle. We see you. Beat up by life. Stunted by cruel circumstances, often that you didn’t even create. Nothing comes easy or natural. You’re not even a stand out. You’re right in the thick of everything. You have to do more than work for it, you have to fight for it. These are my people! The people who always find a way to overcome. They win because they are not afraid, and this, because courage is the only choice. They choose courage, and they do so without permission. You see, sometimes when people are in the struggle, struggle becomes the way. You begin to find comfort in those you feel are “with you.” When someone in the pack chooses to give that up, the shift causes a conflict. But listen…you need no permission to make a bold stand for your own life! No permission to live better, to refuse the generational hand-me-down of the acceptance of circumstance. You can choose courage over cowardice, and you can do so without permission.

The point: Somewhere inside of you, is the knowledge and drive to be exactly who you are. It’s not for everyone to understand, and not everyone will agree. But you don’t need permission. What you need is to know that there is a destiny that is yours, and it was written by God, who gave permission for your life. One way or another, you will meet that destiny. It won’t be up to anyone then, so stop looking for so much approval now. Be who you are…and do it without permission.






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