A Perfect Work

James 1:3-4 Knowing this that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

Patience: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering WITHOUT getting angry or upset.

It is such a virtue, evidenced by the fact that it has the potential to work in you perfectness and fulfillment, leaving you completely satisfied with whatever is happening or has happened in your life. Wow…couldn’t we all use a little more patience?

Patience performs a perfect work because it allows you to sit in a place of ease and confidence. You can check your attitude and respond, rather than react to an abrasive word or gesture. You make better decisions because you aren’t being hasty. You see better results because you aren’t thrown askew by the first sign of the undesired; instead, you watch faithfully, making the proper adjustments to keep things on track. You are settled. You are sure. Although you don’t necessarily have it all together, patience conditions you, bringing you to a level of endurance that allows you to stand certain things that would otherwise have pushed you to intolerance. Just when you think it’s run thin, patience gets a second wind. You find yourself able to hang on a little while longer, and loves, when you can endure undesirable things, especially in faith, you walk into an abundance of good things that you wouldn’t experience, had you lacked patience in your circumstance.

So, you haven’t finished that degree yet? Allow yourself to be a non-traditional student, then. Accept that your journey is different, but remember to keep going. You will meet that milestone, appropriately and timely, so frustration has no place. Hold your head up and complete your requirements, in your own time.

Haven’t completely kicked that habit, huh? Don’t be troubled, but exercise patience. Look how far you’ve come (be proud) and realize how much further you can actually go. When it feels easy to go backwards or doubt, remember the goal is to go forward. Let patience go to work perfecting you. Take one day, then another, then another, optimistically not regretfully. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you give yourself time and space to do so.

It’s hard waiting for an answer to prayer, right? Yes, indeed! But don’t give up on God. He knows when to send His word, when to send that blessing, when to open up closed doors, when to release you into that new season. He wants to perfect you for the time, and He’s doing the perfecting through patience. Let patience have her perfect work, so that you will be perfect–having all desired qualities and characteristics; so that you will be entire–having no part left out, but, be intact; so that you may want for nothing–having all desired things added, having all needs met. Let patience have her perfect work, and be made whole for your journey.


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