To Whom Do I Owe The Pleasure?


Excuse me, Miss. I didn’t catch your name…




 I’m sorry…maybe you could hear me better if you came out from behind the blanket of shame.


I see your mask, it’s pretty…you’ve adorned yourself well; but nothing can compare to the beauty of the story you have to tell.


Lift and remove the veil, come out of the shell.


Stepping away from familiarity and comfort is the only way you’ll ever really prevail.


Your real name exchanged…turned it over for another you suffered for…


One less becoming, one that brought more than you bargained for.


You took it on, became exemplary.


Everything a name could entail—you were the epitome.


You lived moments…endured for a show.


Along for the ride…while a voice inside moved you to become an echo…


A replica of popular choice bouncing off the walls of self-esteem…


And who you’ve shown the world is nothing next to your real identity.


Excuse me, Miss…your name please?   


Not perception, or personification, but you, as you long to be.


Your name–up and out of the depths of your soul.


Your name–the one from which an air of confidence flows.


Your name–the one you feel, that keeps you moving.


Your real name–the one your heart keeps pursuing.


I’m asking because your presentation doesn’t match your inner self–it’s confusing…


Miss…your real name…is yours for the choosing.


So, tell me who you are, but better than that, show me.


Accept who you are and more than that allow some room for living and breathing.


Take off superstition and stereotype; they’re crowding your thought process.


Try on intuition and instinctively take hold of what’s always been yours to possess.


Something good lives above what’s appealing.


Something good lies in you—and time is revealing…


Your name, please…?






yet, Gently.






Matter of factly…


Something good awaits your moment of clarity.


Something good is attached to your name’s destiny.


Up and out of the depths of your soul…


Your name—the one by which your life’s blessings flow.


Your name—the one that everywhere you go, it follows.


Your real name—the one that only you can own.


What’s your name? I’d like to know.

*Remember loves, there is never any need to put on a façade. Only be comfortable in your own skin. Be beautiful in your own heart. Be accepting of your own reality. Be genuine in your own identity.



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