Button Pushers

We go through a range of emotions and thoughts on a daily basis depending on what our agendas are and what the “unexpecteds” are. It can be a struggle dealing with people who you know are sent solely to test you. When they push your buttons, stay in control. Life has a way of developing us, and most of the time, we don’t realize that the button pushers we deal with are really on assignment. Their mission is to take you to a level other than the one you are currently on.

Sometimes button pushers take you up a level. How? Simple. They give you an opportunity to rise above. They offer you a fine chance to show off that positive attitude, to actually use their negativity as a catalyst to soar to a new height in your work or other relationships. The sweet part about it is that often they do not expect this. Button pushers feed off of the uproar they incite. They want, and in some cases need you to argue back, to trade insults, to be unprofessional, to lose your integrity. Stay in control. When the ride is over, you will have managed to reach a new plateau, while the other person is stuck on the ride waiting to push another button.

Sometimes, though, button pushers take you down a level, and this is where we, in hindsight, learn to check ourselves. These folks are good. They spot and hone in on weaknesses; then they capitalize. They know how to frustrate you. They know how to  unnerve you. They know how to penetrate your optimism and change your outlook on a situation. Oh, they take you down. If you aren’t careful, you’ll find yourself mimicking button pusher syndrome–taking shots at people, attacking their character, finding ways to frustrate others and participating in other negative behavior. When you get into that flow, all you’ve done is relinquished control. You haven’t gotten even or gotten over. You don’t feel better. Actually you’re probably feeling conflicted because you know you have made “the stoop” and things have gotten away from you, giving the button pusher a small victory. It’s going to be hard to find a stopping place on this ride until you make the decision to elevate. Stop arguing. Stop finding fault. Stop pushing back. This brings the ride to an end, giving you a chance to get off, and although you were taken down a level or two, you arrive at a place where you can gather yourself, get centered and build from. As always, the button pusher is stuck on the same ride waiting to push another button.

The point is to control yourself. Button pushers do what they are purposed to do. Allow their actions to elevate you and never relegate you. Be pushed to higher levels of integrity and professionalism. And no matter how many times you’ve been a button pusher, you still have a chance to elevate. Just be conscious of how many rides it takes!




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