I Dreamed About A Storm

A few nights I had a dream. In the first part, I was helping someone escape from a person that was trying to hurt her. I’m pretty sure I can attribute that to the movie I had just finished watching. The second part is what makes me want to write this post. As soon as I had gotten the young lady to a safe place and walked away, I heard tornado sirens. I was in a strange city, on foot, and I needed help. The wind started picking up, and people were running past me to their homes to take cover. I was crying out…begging someone to help me. I kept saying, “Will somebody please let me in?” People were just looking at me. I could tell they felt sorry for me, but no one was helping. Finally a lady swung her door open, and let me in. I heard the wind behind me. I made it inside in time enough for her to shut the door and we watched a tornado blow by. Everything was quiet. When people thought it was safe, they ventured outside to look around. Everyone was so distracted by the previous event that no one saw the next tornado coming in the distance. I screamed for everyone to go back inside, and we all made a run for it. The tornado came straight for the house I was in. I remember I was so scared. I braced myself for it. When the tornado hit the house, though, it did no damage. I was completely and thankfully shocked. We all went out. I thought it was over, and I asked someone to take me home. We got down the road and I saw things changing. I screamed for the driver to stop, but she wouldn’t. I finally yelled out, “Dee Dee, go back!” (I knew her?) She floored it back to the house. This time 5 tornadoes were racing us there. They were joined at the top (all touching), but going wild at the bottom in different directions. We all got out and ran inside. Once again, a single tornado hit the house, without damaging it.

We waited…thinking something else was coming, but the sky slowly began to clear. Neighbors came out checking on one another. I watched them for a while, then slowly started my walk home.

When I have dreams like this, I’m always curious about the meanings. There are a few things I take from this.

  1. In spite of  the good you do, there’s a storm coming through. See things in the distance. Things may be good right in front of you, but there is more out there. Open your field of vision.
  2. There’s a place of absolute protection, and when you enter that place, nothing can harm you…no matter how it sneaks up on you. No matter how strong it is. No matter how many times it surfaces.
  3. Don’t run out too soon. Rest in your place of refuge. Sometimes we haven’t given a thing time to clear before we go rushing back out into the open. When the thing arises again, we have to run back in our safe places, whether that’s actual shelter, or the quiet space in our minds and hearts. Wait the storm/issue out. There are always clear indications of when it’s over…and it will be soon enough. In the meantime, take shelter, and let the storm pass.

We tend to get frantic when storms arise, but remember this: Jesus slept on a ship in the middle of a storm. He would have probably stayed there, at peace, and asleep had the disciples not been so afraid and awakened Him. My word of encouragement is this: The Lord is with you. No matter how rough and tough the situation, He won’t allow you to be overtaken. Not only has He provided protection, He is our protection. Storms may arise, but with God you’ll survive.




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