Lay Me Down

I lay me down to rise better than I’ve ever been.

I take myself off, then take myself on…determined to win.

I don’t want to be reduced by who I was, or what you heard.

Trying to act like it doesn’t matter but I secretly cling to every word…

Every word spoken in malice, in hate, in disdain…they hurt.

Make me think about all the things I’ve just accepted, as opposed to what I really deserve.

I lay me down and pick up true worth.

It’s got weight, but releases me to fly…free as a bird.

I pray for the wisdom not to take flight for granted.

I want, instead, to appreciate it for getting me to a place where I can be purposefully planted.

A sown seed on extremely fertile ground…

A harvest of blessings shall absolutely abound.

Timely, intended…waiting to be found…

Outside of the place where I decided to lay me down.

*Recognize your seasons of transition and growth. Some things in you have to decrease, in order for others to increase. Respect that.

Good night, loves.











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