smileI have always been fond of a great smile! There is just something about a big, wide, genuine smile that touches my heart. The way a person smiles can tell you a lot about how they feel, and a “real,” “from the soul” kind of smile is something I love to see. It’s one of the best things we can wear, and we can throw it on effortlessly, as needed! It’s one of our greatest offerings to the world, as we use it when others need compassion, a sign of friendship, a greeting, or to show we’re on someone’s side. A smile is a sign of connection and reassurance. It is such a powerful tool, that sometimes, not showing a smile can cause people to question motives or internal feelings. So smile…especially today! There is more than enough reason. You are here, my love, and more than that you matter. Things may not be the best, but something that has happened (recently) was good (come on, admit it). Smile because it is not all bad. Because someone in your life is in love with that brightness. Because there is encouragement in yours and someone would be having a subpar day without it. Share that beauty! Touch someone’s life and heart today. And when you pass by a mirror, smile at yourself and be lifted by the power of your own inner light. There’s healing inside of you. Let it out, my love.



2 thoughts on “Smile!

  1. There is no better way of saying it!!! You are truly inspiring. I always smile even when I’m sad. It is amazing how our subconciousnes clicks to the smile on our faces even in sad times. Yes smiles are powerfull and healing. A gift we have to give every day even to strangers. As you said – share it! Thank you this motivatiobal post. Smiles to you:-)

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