Who We Used To Be

There is nothing in the world like a testimony of success and triumph. We’ve come through a lot. Facing every giant, crawling out of every pit, maintaining balance on the tightrope of life. The places we’ve come from…who we were in those places…whew…thank God for growth, for deliverance. As we look at our present circumstances, we realize that had it not been for the past, we wouldn’t be in the conditions we’re in now. Most of that was for edification…for the building of character, mental muscle, and skills that we would use later. 

Think about it, really. Who were you…10 years, 5 years, even a year ago? And now, who are you? Major differences? Probably so.

The thing I love about looking at that young lady from 10 years ago, is that I always had this heart, this drive…but didn’t know what to do with it. My energies were misdirected, so I was always, ALWAYS drained. I wasn’t patient enough to endure the process, so I missed blessings. I had a lot of good things happen, but I was very immature and impulsive, so some of it was mishandled. And yes, I have come a long way in those areas. Shall I even mention the insecurities attached to a crazy history…? Let’s just say there was a lot to overcome. Tests have become testimonies, however! Battles have been fought in silence, but I’ve celebrated every victory, although sometimes only in my heart. 

The point is this…

You can be this woman, this man…because of who you were–because you have taken the lessons and applied them for better living. That is to be commended. Don’t be undervalued. Don’t be diminished. We all have a history that has shaped who we are. Some of it wad hard. Some of it was dirty. Some of it was good and gave us a taste of what was to come. Whatever the past held, it was not in vain, unless you didn’t take the lessons as fuel for the fire of your life. 

Be inspired by you! A lot of times we are looking for extrinsic motivation to push and drive us to do more or be better. You’ve lived, however, with a survivor, an overcomer, a chainbreaker, a warrior (yes, it’s been a war), an all-out champion your whole life. You are motivation enough, but you have to realize that. Look at your life, and be proud that, overall, you haven’t been trapped in place and time. It’s not the twilight zone (although, it may have felt like it at times). You’ve grown. You lived out certain dreams, met goals. The person you were dreamed those dreams…aspired to meet those goals. So, don’t look back with disdain. You were always on your way. You have a lifetime to go, and you’ll look back time and time again. Appreciate the former self, for pushing you to be who you are.  Keep growing, my loves. The best is yet to come, and the past set the atmosphere!


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