I Say, “Fire!”

“I’m on an airplane
And the destination of this flight is to the other side
Guess I have to go there
Guess I have to come here yeah
I know where I’m from but now
I’m headed where I’m going right

But there are powers, in the air, you can’t see them
And they have rockets and machine guns
And they’re firing on my plane

But I say fire, fire oh
Ready, aim, fire, you can’t shoot me down, no
F-f-f fire! Fire
Ready, aim, fire, you can’t stop me now, no”

This speaks to me in so many ways!!! But in the loudest voice, in the most intimate space it says, no matter what, I going to make it! Yes!

Let me just tell you, you are going to make it! Destination: Made. That’s what is happening. We’re being made. So much is designed to come against you…to block you, stop you. There are powers working that we have never, will never see. Persevere. The weapons won’t prosper, my love! We are built for hard battles. He who lives in us is so much greater than these powers. Go there! Take flight! Live life, and do it out of the abundance bestowed upon you! Destiny is yours; nothing can stop it. You can’t be shot down! Sometimes it feels like it, but you are not an open target. You are fully covered by the Father. So just say, “Fire.” The battle is His anyway. Trust that He’s got you, love. No need to be hesitant or afraid. Be bold about your life. You only get one.

Have a great night!


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