Looking at the grand scheme of things, or at least I thought I was…

I didn’t see what was in view, plainly.

I missed everything.

There were connections all mixed up, but functioning, so I didn’t worry.

After all, things were running rather smoothly.

Time, however, is limited in a space where the ends don’t properly meet.

So, although you have it together, piece by piece, you might still lose everything.

Scrambling to put it back collectively, whole as it used to be.

Gripping it tight to prevent a loss.

Can’t handle an upset…holding fast to everything.

Don’t want to be voided…empty.

Carry with me reminders of times, days…their beauty.

History’s volumes keep speaking…they’ve captured the past, recorded everything.

Written me down, published my feelings.

Informed the world of this daughter’s hope…what she’s desiring.

A far-fetched dream, but tangible in my thinking.

Heart reaching out for an imagined reality.

Maybe not realistic, but it was quite the fantasy.

I drew it nearer to me.

Nearer, indeed.

It began living.  

And that life became everything.

I nurtured it, gently…

When necessary, gave it room to breathe.

Watched it blossom into itself…different, unique.

A breathtaking masterpiece.

What was missing?

Critical elements that turn the finished, but incomplete, into what is simply, concrete.

So that without error you see, my love, rather than lose sight of everything.



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