Another Chapter

We are the writers of our own stories…living out what has been predestined and orchestrated by the Creator. And some of our stories have muddy places because we haven’t paid attention and managed to mess things up a little. But a muddy chapter doesn’t stain the whole story.

We are the writers of our own stories…living out what has been fashioned before time and approved without our consent by the Creator. Some of our stories get confusing in places because we get tangled up and misdirected. A confusing chapter, oddly, is the foundation for eye-opening chapters later on in the story.

We are the writers of our own stories…living out what has been called into order, awaiting time and manifestation set by the Creator. Some of our stories, though, get stifled because we are following trends rather than truth. But a chapter not quite fulfilled is one of hope, promise, and potential.

There is always another chapter to be written. There is always purpose left to fulfill. We are always writing the story, and the story is always going to contain ups and downs. The muddy places get cleaned up. The confusing chapters get clear with epiphany or knowledge and understanding. We celebrate the breakthroughs after we’ve been stifled in certain chapters. Mostly, our struggles are the pathways to our successes. So be encouraged because another chapter is an open door to good things. A new chapter is the refreshing you need to regroup and accomplish the things you’ve been working towards. Don’t get lost in the twists and crazy things happening as you go. Keep that pen in your hand. Day and night. Don’t lose sight. And remember, no one could ever read the story, if someone didn’t write it.



I Keep Running…

Sometimes, there is nothing I’d rather be than be finished already!

But I’m not…

So I keep running.

I run because I have life to live, and gifts to use, and people to love.

I run because I have work to do that no one else can get done.

I run because in my heart, there is a pulsing, steady beat and it will not let me be still.

I run for practice and to build endurance, so that I can come face to face with giants and not lose the fight for weariness.

I run to safety and to shelter and to open arms and to the warm hearts of others.

Sometimes, I’m running just to feel the wind wrap itself around my face.

Constantly moving…

Sometimes at a steady pace,..

And sometimes pushed and stretched out to the fullest.

I get tired but I’m not finished.

I get tired but I stick with it.

Slow down, but don’t quit.

Run until I finish.


In This Moment

In this moment, I thank you, Lord, for grace and mercy.

In this moment, I thank you, Lord, for your sovereignty.

In this moment, I thank you, Lord, for every good and every perfect gift…for every time you prune me, and every dimensional shift.

In this moment, I thank you, Lord, for the shaking, and even for the breaking…the shaking that brings me out of the daydreams I wander into…the breaking of habits that I’ve surrendered myself to.

In this moment, I thank you, Lord, for maturity and growth.

In this moment, I thank you, Lord, for the love and favor you show.

In this moment, I thank you, Lord, for my life that you hold in your hands…for allowing to fall sometimes, and always helping me to stand.

In this moment, I thank you, Lord, for a new day, just to tell you that I thank you. And in this moment, I realize, that I don’t have enough words to say just how much I’m grateful.

However, in this moment, I need to say, I thank you, Lord, for your many blessings. For every single person, and for every single thing. For each one is a measure of your character, your countenance and your heart for your people…who you receive, who you are reconciled to, who you’ve redeemed.

So in this moment, I thank you, Lord, for your lovingkindness, for bidding me to come to you and find rest, for offering to me your goodness, for taking my life and cleaning up the mess.

Flowing from my heart is gratefulness.



Not the Norm

What happened to you the day you realized that you wouldn’t be the person everyone thought you’d be…not even who you thought you’d be? When you realized that everything wasn’t going to work out as planned? What was the “thing” that took away normalcy?

And how do feel now, knowing that you are sort of atypical? How have you handled that disruption to expectation?

Life sometimes hits hard, and awakens us to paths we never wanted to or dreamt we’d travel. I remember the exact moment that my idea of myself changed. I remember the anger. I remember the hopelessness. I remember the change of perspective. I knew that some things were just going to be closed to me, and that I had to find a way to cope. Coping has meant taking daily steps away from all those expectations I had for myself then, and moving down the path that is mine. There are still days when I look for signs that lead to old dreams, to a place a feel I would’ve been more than comfortable in and still feel suited for. These are the days when I realize, again, that I’m not going to that once expected place–that the rules and destination changed, and that I’m still on my way, just to another place.

Acceptance is hard, even years later. Living a life outside of the norm is challenging. But by grace, it can be done. Comparison and coveting others’ lifestyles has to stop, so that real contentment can develop. That contentment will carry you through being misunderstood and mishandled; and it will quicken your ability to deflect negative thoughts from within, so that you can accept the life that’s yours and live it fully and vibrantly. There are many of us who are not the norm, as it relates to different things. It’s perfectly okay. You have still been fearfully and wonderfully made, with no reason to feel ashamed about anything.

Today is a good day to accept those things you cannot change, and let contentment begin to settle in your spirit. Embrace the life you’ve been given, and live it!


All the time, I’m wondering if I’m doing right…doing enough. What should be my next move?

I just want to do my best…and I want to do EVERYTHING. I mean I don’t want to be a slacker, and at the same time, I don’t want to be doing anything I shouldn’t be doing. Where’s the balance?

Lord, please make it plain, and give me peace in my “off season”…so that I don’t beat myself up feeling like I should be doing more. Help me find the balance.


Looking at the grand scheme of things, or at least I thought I was…

I didn’t see what was in view, plainly.

I missed everything.

There were connections all mixed up, but functioning, so I didn’t worry.

After all, things were running rather smoothly.

Time, however, is limited in a space where the ends don’t properly meet.

So, although you have it together, piece by piece, you might still lose everything.

Scrambling to put it back collectively, whole as it used to be.

Gripping it tight to prevent a loss.

Can’t handle an upset…holding fast to everything.

Don’t want to be voided…empty.

Carry with me reminders of times, days…their beauty.

History’s volumes keep speaking…they’ve captured the past, recorded everything.

Written me down, published my feelings.

Informed the world of this daughter’s hope…what she’s desiring.

A far-fetched dream, but tangible in my thinking.

Heart reaching out for an imagined reality.

Maybe not realistic, but it was quite the fantasy.

I drew it nearer to me.

Nearer, indeed.

It began living.  

And that life became everything.

I nurtured it, gently…

When necessary, gave it room to breathe.

Watched it blossom into itself…different, unique.

A breathtaking masterpiece.

What was missing?

Critical elements that turn the finished, but incomplete, into what is simply, concrete.

So that without error you see, my love, rather than lose sight of everything.


I Say, “Fire!”

“I’m on an airplane
And the destination of this flight is to the other side
Guess I have to go there
Guess I have to come here yeah
I know where I’m from but now
I’m headed where I’m going right

But there are powers, in the air, you can’t see them
And they have rockets and machine guns
And they’re firing on my plane

But I say fire, fire oh
Ready, aim, fire, you can’t shoot me down, no
F-f-f fire! Fire
Ready, aim, fire, you can’t stop me now, no”

This speaks to me in so many ways!!! But in the loudest voice, in the most intimate space it says, no matter what, I going to make it! Yes!

Let me just tell you, you are going to make it! Destination: Made. That’s what is happening. We’re being made. So much is designed to come against you…to block you, stop you. There are powers working that we have never, will never see. Persevere. The weapons won’t prosper, my love! We are built for hard battles. He who lives in us is so much greater than these powers. Go there! Take flight! Live life, and do it out of the abundance bestowed upon you! Destiny is yours; nothing can stop it. You can’t be shot down! Sometimes it feels like it, but you are not an open target. You are fully covered by the Father. So just say, “Fire.” The battle is His anyway. Trust that He’s got you, love. No need to be hesitant or afraid. Be bold about your life. You only get one.

Have a great night!